• To enhance the fundamental skills of all Blackhawk participants using our qualified, certified, and dedicated Mentors/coaches.
  • Promote community involvement by encouraging everyone in the Blackhawks Organization to get involved in community events, host empowerment workshops, sports activities and be a part of the positive change.
  • Developing a winning culture that promotes positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.
  • Build strong work ethics in our youth to teach them the personal accountability and responsibility it takes to excel at being a student-athlete & a positive productive person in the community.

How Can you Help?
We are currently seaking sponsorship dollars for our Basketball program, and most funds are from fundraisers and personal donations, we currently serve approx. 90+ players and a yearly cost of $1000- $2500 per player.

Your Corporate sponsorship could sponsor players and or help offset the cost of team travel to out of state National Competition.